Genuine Art Deco Cocktail / Drinks Cabinet in Burr Walnut - 1916

Genuine Art Deco Cocktail / Drinks Cabinet in Burr Walnut - 1916

Ladies & Gentlemen... 

Introducing, the magnificent 'Eugene' !

Eugene is a truly stunning Cocktail Cabinet from 1916!!! 

He has actually been in our studio for quite a few months, after being purchased from an Anglo-Italian family from Oxfordshire. Surprisingly enough, he has been in the same family for several generations and never belonged to anyone else prior to that. His maker was of Italian origin and a real expert in furniture making (as you can tell), who decided to make a cocktail cabinet for his own family and that is how Eugene came to existence.

Well, not the same Eugene exactly, of course... As this handsome piece has gone through a real facelift since arriving in our studio. We started by removing all old varnish and wood stain and then sanding the piece to a very fine finish, in order to reveal this rather splendid wood grain. There is no wood grain like Burr Walnut... See how much depth and mystery in these patterns, and they always seem to be telling a story each time you look at them. The wood was then treated with a combination of oils and waxes, and no dyes or stains were used in any way. The wood colour that you see is original and organic - isn't that amazing?

Eugene had the rear and bottom mirrors replaced, but also a new one added - to the new serving area - which gives a great amount of light and elegance to the piece. Mirror (glass) is also ideal for cleaning and ensuring hygiene standards are met. So you can impress your guests every time, without compromising anyone's safety and wellbeing :)

A bespoke Art Deco design was added to the doors, to reinforce the Art Deco proposal, but still preserving the symmetrical burr wood grain. Gold details can be found in many parts of the piece, as well as chrome, which can be seen in the photographs. I certainly think the two metal colours look great together, and offer true Art Deco vibes. Therefore, all the chrome metal fittings have been combined with solid brass screws, and even the (brand new) picks are gold as well. The lighting system is original, however the plastic cable was replaced with a braided fabric one instead, and the lightbulb replaced for an LED equivalent; which offers much more brightness, and does so in a cost effective way.

The darker green is the Park Bench, whereas the lighter one is the Upper Canada, both from Fusion Mineral paint brand. There is a gold detail also in the bottom shelf, which complements the beautiful two green tones very well. Moreover, the featured key is fully functional and the bottom doors can be locked accordingly, making this gorgeous piece of furniture safe in homes with children and/or pets too.

I hope you will agree that Eugene is absolutely handsome in every way and will make his presence felt in any home... He certainly won't go unnoticed and should contribute a great deal to many memorable parties, celebrations or special moments with his new family - will it be yours?!


    Width: 61cm
    Depth: 28cm
    Height: 98cm


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